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The Graff Cleaning Services Advantage

Graff Cleaning Services has been providing superior cleaning solutions for more than 19 years. Backed by our expertise, we have what it takes to provide you with special cleaning programs tailored to your specifications.


The recent COVID-19 outbreak has provided many significant challenges over recent months.

As infection numbers decrease and businesses and organizations strive to get back to business, there will be new expectations and standards for healthier workplaces and speciality coronavirus cleaning services.  Since beginning of the outbreak, Graff Cleaning Services is proud to have partnered with hundreds of businesses and provided deep cleaning, sanitation and disinfection services across the Denver Metro area to combat the spread of COVID-19.   Graff Cleaning is here to help your business so you can navigate these new reopening Coronavirus commercial cleaning and disinfecting expectations to help you get back to business, and stay healthy, safe and productive from reopening day and beyond.

About Our Founder

Our founder started her career in the cleaning industry when she took a part-time job during her college studies. Today, she is working full-time as the owner of Graff Cleaning Services.